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Dr. John Langdon Down was the first to identify it

Categorized it as a syndrome

A condition of special edition children with extra pairs of Chromosomes

1 out of 800 births is the ratio

Crossing all groups, economic and racial

Pre-natal these kids were labeled

Mongoloids, Retards, and Downies

So please, don’t ever say those words around me!


At first there was denial

Her mother informed me that she would be a very special child with a

Flat facial profile, slanting eyes, I was surprised!

My daughter, Taylor, was born with the grayest eyes that mesmerize

Light brown hair, skin as orange as the sun, even with her protruding tongue

She is my hero unsung

We overcame hearing loss by signing

I overcame my hearing loss by listening

At school we designed an Individual Educational Plan

At home, before Obama, we knew that YES! Yes, she can!  


Potential Congenital Heart Disease & Vision Disorders

As parents we discovered ways to conquer the Physical and Developmental Delays

Little Ms. Taylor Ray saw a long list of Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapists


At times the challenges seemed too high to climb

How does one stand to behold the sublime?

Surgeries, emergency medical procedures



We never considered abortion her existence is a blessing!

I am her King Arthur! She is my tiny princess of perfection

My homey!

For those of you who don’t know me

Taylor is my youngest, born with an extra 21st Trisomy


A chromosomal structure that makes her unique

So watch her actions if you can’t understand her speech

she repeats everything, imitates, and laughs back at YOU

When Daddy is sad our favorite saying is “Gimme some kisses”!

It changes my whole attitude!

Her smile makes life worthwhile


The public is corrupted with misinformation

Kids with Downs Syndrome always exceed other peoples lowered expectations

I take life in moderation

Thankful to raise another of God’s greatest creations

I had to learn patience

lovingly address ignorant statements

Recognize this vibe of pride I feel inside

It’s unconditional LOVE!

And changed me from the man I once was   


On the Buddy Walk

Taylor is my buddy,

My apprentice

My sweet, petite athlete who competes in the Special Olympics


I’m a big fan of poetry jams and poetry slams, you dig?

None of this compares to Downs Syndrome kids


Are you DOWN?


I am!



Good Morning!                                          


No response


Cohorts of co-workers


Camped inside the confinement of inner personal thoughts

Observing closely, I watch

These Inglorious Bastards move faster than the speed of insight

Blink and you might get tricked by the slight of my backhand



I spilled a hot, double shot of caffeinated coffee on my fruity colored pastel shirt

Ruined a whole week’s worth of tedious work

Leading to a negative evaluation and incomplete monthly report

My inferior, jerk superior

Complained that my performance was out of compliance

I am a super Negro, so I marvel at the alliance

Horrible bosses have to their own restrictions


Smart, Dumb Ass, Sexist, Classists always riding the fence

Teetering between a tot’s academic achievement but they themselves

Lacking common sense

Umpteen degrees, PhDefensive

Pompous ASS Doctor So & So your pedagogy isn’t holistic or comprehensive

Ready to save these Poverty-Stricken, Finger-licking-Chicken-eating children

To instruct we must have trust, so let us focus on relationship building 

Dean of Discipline, our neighborhood is filthy rich

The streets we live on make a killing… EVERY, SINGLE, DAY

The price ain’t right but it’s the price we pay!  


“Say brother! You got a dollar or a dime?

Nah? Sorry for asking and wasting moments of your precious time”


I’m a Black Captain Morgan standing on a powder keg

One peg leg and one good leg left

As they cut off the right arm of the people

I am fighting to reverse the EVIL with my L.I.V.E Brothers program



We believe that true success is a journey, not a destination!

Shamika, Officer Mac, Ms. Woods and Big Mike joined me in the fight

Sprinkling Spring water on the seeds we planted every Winter

Even if some will Fall in the Summer months from

Hot, double shots of caffeinated cops who might

Stop, Search, Harass and Frisk


It’s the Principal of the matter

Chief! Executive! Overseer!

In Boston Public Schools Black male teachers reflect

Only 6% of the students they represent 

Bamboozled! Hoodwinked! Led Astray…

A United Way of doing business  


“Say Brother, you got a dollar or a dime?

Invest it into a Loyal. Intelligent. Victorious. Everlasting

scholar with a beautiful mind”


Seeking answers from the 6% of Black male teachers  

Hell bent on shapeshifting future leaders

Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys


We are guardians at the gate

The Chaos Theory states: expect the unexpected  

Butterfly Effects lead to an Unpredictable fate

Transitioning between Order and Disorder, they race

Mixing indecision inside melting pots of turbulent choices

My voice is a force giving positive Feedback hopefully

Breaking the Fractals which are

Never-ending patterns of self-similarity because…   




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